Monday, January 5, 2009

Planning already for 2009's Projects

Sorry I don't have any picture to post but I do have a site to go to to see what I am writing about. I am planning my Christmas and Birthday gifts to family members now. So browsing Brooklyntweeds blog, He has a write up on Nora yarn and a scarf that is done in beautiful Noro silk garden colorways, I mean absolutely "B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L" colors. So I figure seeings how Dear Hubby asked this past December for a Beanie hat. (scarf) (hat)
I guess I'll make these for his birthday sometime before September. I told the Hubby he was worth the $60+ it would take to buy the yarn, he said "Ouch!! ... by September we should be able to afford it!" Well I'll just have to investigate eBay or the Internet to see if I can find it on the cheap. I've read a lot from people who dislikes Noro, for several reasons, one being it is scratchy and 2 being because it is expensive. Yet most all agree that the colorways are gorgeous. I like it just because it is so beautiful.
For the Grand kids, I think I'll make them socks if I get the hang of it. I have a new grand baby coming in June, so her comes a blanket or two. Its a bit to warm here in So. California in the summer for much more. I am making my first knitted fingerless mitts. I promised my DGD's boyfriend a pair and mind you they are in black. So I'll take my time and do them while I make a pair of sock. Some of my Knitting Buddies and I are planning to do a Sock KAL starting Wednesday. I am looking forward to this. We'll see how they turn out.

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