Saturday, January 3, 2009

Friday Nite Knitting

I went to my LYS last night, I flaked out on my Hubby who was going to OC to play poker with friends and eat, I was hoping to see some of my buddy's and do a little knitting and catch up on the smack. A couple of other friends showed up a bit after I did, There was four of us and the sales lady. It was a very quiet night. I think I like the quiet nights. You don't have to turn your self inside out to try and listen to everyone, sometimes I feel like that cartoon character that gets stretched in eight different directions, like on those nights when the place is packed. The two friends that showed were a couple of Crochet Cafe friends, though no one goes there any more. I do once in a while. I like the ladies that still go, They're very nice little ole ladies and one 13 yr old boy that knits, I gotta say this kid can knit. If he would just settle down and finish what he starts. That could be his age though. I hope! He's a good kid. So anyway the first lady that was there when I got there, I had never met her before. She said she has been knitting for 50+ years ... (WOW!). I bow down to all you Knitters out there that can knit and talk and make these lovely creations, If I talk I screw up and have to tink back or just start over. Karen the sales lady sat with us and knitted for a bit til we were ready to pay for our goodies. We just had a nice quiet conversation, I bought a skein of "On Your Toes" Bamboo Sock yarn in a gray (but it almost looks lavender), it feels very soft ... nice! I don't know how it will work up yet. Like I need more sock yarn!
My Wednesday morning Buddies and I doing a Sock KAL. Starting this coming Wednesday. I am looking forward to that. I think I'll just do a practice sock on a DK weight to get the feel of it maybe I'll end up with some slipper socks. OK may as well as do them in wool. At least my feet will be warm. It's been a while since I've seen my buddies, about 2 weeks or since before Christmas, I miss them. These are friends that I would really miss if they were to move away. We all just seemed to click, I like that. Well guess I best do something else for a while.

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  1. Hey...I didn't realize there was a knit night last night. I probably would have gone. Sounds like it was a nice evening. I miss you and the others too. It seems like it's been a long time since we got together. Next Wednesday will be here before we know it though. I like your Meez!