Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dressing your pets

I was browsing a site today and she had this poor dog on her site, I think this dog belongs to my friend Cally and the poor thing was so traumatized it just had
to run away from home. I would! LOL!
What would make a human put something like this on a pet? My friend Cally, sweet lady that she is, makes neck warmers for her pets, and is knitting a Hoodie for someone that has a Great Dane. This little pooch looks like he has met his match with a head hunter and they shrank his head. My sister has a little poodle and he has a better wardrobe than I do. What gives? Well, I must confess, my little puppy has a dress and a Diva T-shirt, she doesn't wear it often, because my family feels embarrassed for the little girl. Why? She likes it. she thinks she's cute. But she does look silly at times, as she has long hair and ends up looking like a furry stuffed sausage. She also has a Halloween costume. she is a wicked witch. But looks more like cousin "IT" instead of a witch. I gave her a hair cut the other night and have to touch it up again as some hair is longer than some. Don't use bad cutting tool. The scissors were dull she was done with me, did not want to be combed out, Can't blame her as it hurts to get combed out, I think my pooch has tried to run away... If I don't watch her well he tries to sneak of down the street. My sisters dog did that, she was lucky to get him back. Camden. that's his name. Gay little dog. His mate is a stuffed gorilla. Doesn't eat much or talk back and is only there for one thing only. I think Cally is on the right track. make them a neck warmer, Sweetie, not a sweater!

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