Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Life in General

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Life got in the way. We all know what that is like. My desk top computer crashed. All my pictures and files are on that computer. I have to wait for the computer guru to come home in 4 months from schooling in Louisiana before we try to retrieve my pictures and files.... I have a few pictures on the camera now, but I have to think on which way will be better to upload either through Kodak Easy Share or with just the disk... Have to play with this first...

We went camping over the Memorial Day Weekend. Went to Pio Pico, just out side of Chula Vista. It was OK. The weather was beautiful. The Hubster invited friends. Steve and 2 marines. I had the twins with us. 5 years old, boy and a girl. I think I need to put my foot down and not let him invite people. Plus no more grand kids for a while! Because some guest are just like having more kids to have to take care of and clean up after. Just my own thoughts here. The Hubster loves having all the extra company.

I ended up not feeling well, had a bad sore throat and cough, I was downing NyQuil at night, just so I could sleep, HA! not much of that. So I felt very lethargic during the day. Like all I wanted to do was sleep.

I didn't do any knitting. My intentions was to do a lot of it. But that didn't happen. Oh well! Next time. Man I should have brought a book! I thought of it. But so wanted to do the knitting. Again...Oh well!!

I hope to get some more pictures and post a little more often. I'll work on that.

See ya next time.................!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Miss Felicity's New Gift

My Husbands Aunt came out to visit the family here in California from New York. So I decided to make a scarf to give her. She is such a sweet (feisty), little woman, I love her as is she was my own auntie. So I found a pattern on Ravelry that I liked and then went shopping in the Closet Yarn Shop for yarn. I settled for Louisa Harding's Kimono Angora. The Pattern was CROCHARGOSY by Christie Pruitt. Loved the pattern after I got the hang of it. I had to have it finished by or before Saturday. By Friday I was just a bit over half way finished, I finished it about 2:25 AM Saturday, blocked it and went to bed. That is maybe the only reason I crochet now-days Because it is so quick! If I need something in a few days I crochet it. Other wise give me the knitting needles. She Likes the scarf.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sunday, March 8, 2009

WTF... Did I Do? I Don't Know?

This is my first pair of socks.
My Knitting group (such lovely, lively friends that they are) decided that we were going to have a Sock KAL. So I went shopping in my closet and searched in my sock stash and came up with this yarn. Then went to the computer after I swatched and plugged in the info in the "Sock Wizard" program the Hubby bought for me and I copied the pattern...
No problem! See the heel on the finished sock? This is the heel in question?

I found out after many tries that I knitted best when I was alone locked behind my bedroom door. I think it took 8 or 9 tries to cast on one night at the Stamping Post on a Thursday night and gave up and when I got home and locked my self away, cast on again and had no problem... Now I know what a man feels like when he feels like he has to perform ... any way! I cast on and away I went.
Sorry for the glare.
The first sock is done and the second is well on its way. But wait! ..............
I was working on my foot when I showed Peggy at Daily Fiber Yarns when she noticed that my second sock heel was not the same and was just knit... so I ripped it back and had already decided I would do the same to the first sock to find out what I had done wrong. By then it became a group effort to find out what I did wrong with the heel of the first sock... I don't know what I did?
Really! I don't? This is the gusset of the first sock. It felt like I had double knitted the heel. WHAT? I don't know how to double knit. Have I mentioned I don't know what I did? Several ladies thought I double knitted this heel.... Nope! I don't know what I did?
The proof is in the pudding? I have two gussets on one sock? Go figure?
Knit stitch on one side purl on the back, "Did you knit in the round?" No, "Did you use two strands of yarn?"
No, "What did you do?" (If I knew that?.....) "I don't know what I did?" See the two layers? I knit back and forth, I did a slip st and knit across, slipped a stitch and knit across.... Or at least that is what I thought I did. Have I mentioned I don't pay attention very well? If it's going well then I just keep going.... I don't know what bad looks like yet. But I am learning! Well, anyway, don't do that? Take it from me! Pay attention!!!
I still don't know what I did?
The gusset! My friend Cheryl, told me the first time showed her my first sock when I finished it, She said "Why is your gusset so short?" Ummm! I don't Know? "it's usually 2 1/2 inches long?" Huh? "Did You follow the pattern?" Ummm! I thought I did?
Shit Judy, Your such a Dork!
Maybe I am ADHD? Or what ever it's called. I think I have it?
I guess I would be Darwin in "The Knitting Club" book.

I love mystery's.... I should write a book about the Sock Gusset Mystery!
Speaking of books. I just finished reading the The Knitting Club. WOW!
What a tear jerker. Or maybe it was to close to another friend with a similar story, who passed away all most a year ago. She owned a little yarn shop in Old Town Temecula. I and other ladies went to her shop on Tuesday nights for knit night.
Any way, My socks now sit in limbo. Waiting for the day I get back to them.... Currently I am doing a lace shawl with my friends, and then we are going to do a sweater.... Oh, that ought to go really well. I wonder how I am going to do this and try to have two sleeves where my arms should be and to make sure I don't double knit both sleeves in the same opening.... You know? This should prove it be interesting. Good DAY!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Critters And Yarn

The other day while out with my knitting buddies one of my friends were telling us about some yarn she bought at a local yarn shop in the area that is going out of business. The owner had died all most a year ago and her son's no longer want to continue the store. Anyway... she was showing us some wool she bought and it had critters living in it. there was several spots that the moths had ate through the strands and had laid eggs. EEEEEEEEEKKS!!! She thinks that the yarn already had the bugs in the yarn when she bought it. So she bagged her yarn and put it in the deep freezer. Well don't you know... I got to thinking about my yarn and what might be lurking in or around it! So this morning I got up and empties my little deep freezer out and started bagging up my yarn and putting it in the freezer unfortunately, I have more yarn than I have freezer... That rises another question. What type of yarn does these things eat? Do they just eat wool and animal type yarns. How about mixed yarns with maybe 10 or 20 % wool do they need to be frozen too? Then I would have to ask how does one store yarn to keep the pesky little critters out of your yarns to keep them from re-infesting ones yarns with larvae or just plan ole eating up the goods? How do you store your yarn? Do you put them in large totes or boxes? Do you store your wools in plastic bags? I have heard people say not to store yarn in plastic ... but they come from the manufactures that way? and yarn stores has the yarn in bags to keep the dust of them ... So what gives? What is the right way to keep our stash safe from these little critters. After this batch has been in the freezer for 2 days, then I will take them out and put in a new batch until all my yarn has been in the deep freezer for a few days.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Just Chillin'

Just Chillin' and I do mean chilling! my fingers are frozen, I am afraid to go to the bathroom cuz I know that seat is cold. I sound like I am in Minnesota or North Dakota, Huh? Nope, last time I checked I was still is sunny Southern California, where it's never ... OK, Where it sometimes rains. What is with this weather? One day it is hot, the next day it is cold. No wonder everyone is Catching colds. HEY! Mr Weatherman - person! What's UP? OK, To be honest I would rather it be cold. Because I could go in and turn my furnace on. That's why it is cold in the house. But still. Soon enough it will be one hundred and 3 degrees out in the shade. Well, if you can find any shade that is. If I was me, I would just go hang out at the LYS and bask in all the glorious yarn (and sneeze and itch my fool head off) and chat with all the local buddies for a bit. Well ... OK, till they run me off. OK, there I said it! I think that I should just set up house there at the The Fiber Shop and just knit or crochet what ever trips my trigger. Oooh, I could play with the cot soy, now that is nice and soft, or the milk. Callie has made 5 fingerless mitts with it. So maybe I should make one of these mitts. I need to buy some to make a lace shawl, Well maybe I should buy some bamboo for that instead, or ... Maybe, I'll just read a book. that's what I think I really want to do. No more knitting and just hibernate till I read a couple of books then get back into the fiber stuff again. I read on the average of 10 to 20 books a year. Use to be more. But I found a new addiction and like all addictions it is a costly one. A few friends ask me why I don't get into spinning ... Well, duh! It's like growing pot. Why grow pot if you can run down to the nearest corner and buy a baggie, I can run down to my nearest yarn shop and buy a hank of pretty stuff and not have to have a million dollar light bill just to grow it. (all though those alpaca's are sure cut) I am on a budget at the moment. I need to slow down a bit and DE-stash for a while. But then that brings to mind why it is an addiction. It's a no-win situation. But seriously... I think I need to read a book or two and then knit up a sweater, finish my socks and start in on the lace shawl. Hum, that brings up another thought. If I read, then that means I don't do any house work and I don't get a lot of sleep ... so I would have to clean up the house first then sit and read or I could just go hang out with my thready friends and skip all the other drama... Shiesh! I'm tired! I think I'll go back to bed and stay warn and think about this later. ga-Night!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Big USC GrannyGhan

We are back to Normal Posts, I have a few more "Shock Talks" but I will save them for another day.
Finally uploaded my pictures to the computer early (4:am) this morning. So I can post pictures of some of my Christmas Gifting. This is Steve's USC afghan we gave him for Christmas, He also has a USC scarf and hat that he received for his birthday, which I posted on earlier in December. So glad when I finally finished it. This is just regular ole Redheart yarn, no pattern. I seem to do a lot of "crochet" when I am in a crunch to get gifts finished on time. I usually will "knit" when I have plenty of time to work at my own pace. But I really like making gifts for family and friends. Hubby says Steve-O really likes his Ghan. That's good!