Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Knit nights

I went to Knit night tonight at The Crochet Cafe, wasn't very many ladies only 4 of us. Ohhh! Let me say this first. Have you ever wondered what goes through your mind when you take your keys out of the ignition and you put them in your hand bag and you KNOW! ... this is not normal and your subconscious is telling you STOP!!! And you ignore it. And you get out of your car and you press the button down and as soon as you shut the door ... BAM!!! It hits you between the eyes what your subconscious was trying to tell you. and you foolishly tell yourself "How dumb that was". Lucky for me my hubby is a sweet man. As he got up and came right down and unlocked the car door for me, gave me a kiss after I got my stuff (purse, keys and knitting project) and I went bouncing back to the CC, and sat with "Have fun with the ladies" that's what my hubby calls them. "The Ladies". It was good to see these ladies.
I tell you I just love all my knitting friends, some more than others but I still love them. I have about 5 groups that I knit or crochet with. Anyway, when you need help, the majority is always willing to help fix your mistakes, if your down in the dumps, they give you a shoulder to whine on bit and then give you a good shove off it and put ya right back on your feet. There is a camaraderie that just can't be beat with Knitting and Crochet Groups. I applaud you my friends.

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