Saturday, January 10, 2009

FotM - Friday Night Knit Night

To night was the first of the month Friday Night Knit Night at The Daily Fiber Yarn shop in Murrieta. One of two nights that I go and knit with some of my friends during the week. The first Friday of every month they have a special "KNIT NIGHT". But because of the Holidays they postponed it till the second Friday this month. Lots of ladies come and sit, knit,chat and buy lots of yarn. On the FotMFNKN they have drawings.

Tonight Karen B. ( a hank of yarn), Marcie K. (a book) , Jean Marie (a bag) , Jerry (I don't know what she won) and I were the blessed ones. This was my winning loot. A Cornucopia Sock Kit. 3 hanks of Kollage CORNTASTIC, that is 100% corn and 1 hank of Kollage POP. I am trying to knit a pair of socks right now... HA! I know why I don't garden much. Because not only do I have a Brown thumb, but I also have ten of the offending short brown digits. I am all thumbs. So, I was thinking of trying to do either magic loop or socks on 2 circs, its got to be easier!. I have to have something to show on Wednesday morning... HELP MR. WIZARD!!!!

I missed a few of my main buddies tonight. Cally went to a Hockey game. LeeAnn was home
(after work), It was her daughters birthday. Happy Birthday Ashley!!! LeeAnn also said she wasn't feeling to well, Cheryl was home recovering from working out. Stephanie was home hobbling around with the vacuum cleaner (thats just a joke!), after having a skiing accident this week (poor girl! take care of your self Steph, please!) But heck, I am glad I came, Cuz I almost stayed home too! I wouldn't have won the sock kit!!!
The usual was there, I was hoping our friend Hester, would be there. Hester has been MIA for a few months taking care of her brother in England and had just got back a few days ago, Jet lag probably caught up to her. Well I guess that has bored you long enough so on to searching for info...


  1. Wow! Congratulations! What a great prize! I had totally planned on going but last minute I changed my mind. I wasn't sure if there was a knit night or not because I heard Cally say she wasn't going. I thought about calling you. I guess I should have. Oh well. I need to find out when these special nights are and mark them on my calendar.

  2. Hey Judy, tonigh is the first time I'v ever elected to read some blogs and boy, am I glad I did.."steph hobbling at home vacumning" made me laugh so hard I almost peed on myself, honest to God, I was always fond of you but now I love you!!! Absolutely hilarious!!! I'm still laughing, can't wait to see you tomorrow and buy you an iced tea! I have missed you terribly and now know for all certainty that I just can't live without all my knitting girls. What a great year it's going to be. Thanks Judy, you are the best!!