Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Big C word

These are the colors that represent the different cancers.
Do you know or have anyone that was diagnosed with cancer? light a candle for them...

In Memory of....

In 1982 I lost my mother to cancer. she had a tennis ball size mass on her lungs. And yes she smoked cigarettes. My mother was 60 yrs old.

I have a brother and sister that was diagnosed with colon cancer last year. Tom, my oldest brother found out when his was already stage 4 and while doing well, isn't doing all that well. I haven't heard from my sister how she is doing but know that she has had surgery and all I know to date on her, is that she is doing OK. This past summer Our knitting group lost a dear friend to breast cancer at the age of 47, and left behind 2 teenage sons. I have a niece in Iowa that was just diagnosed recently with Melanoma. Another good friend of ours found out that he has Pancreatic cancer, My husband has gone to see Mr Wicker a few times and related back to me that he is not doing to well. Mr Wicker and his wife Linda are, our camping buddies. Pancreatic cancer is a nasty cancer to have. Well truth be told any cancer is a nasty thing to have. So out of thought and love, I will light a candle and say a prayer to them. And to everyone else out there that has been diagnosed with cancer, I will say a prayer for them too.


  1. I hate that "C" word!!! I lost two friends to it last year and a neighbor passed away from pancreatic cancer. I have a dear friend that found out just before Christmas that she has brain tumors. She had surgery last Monday and it is...the "C" word. They said it's a very fast growing type and that she has tumors now that weren't there a few weeks ago. :-( She's very positive though. I believe there's a lot of healing power in that. We'll hope and pray that the radiation and medications can at lesat slow it down.

    I didn't know there were different colors of ribbons for different cancers. That's interesting.

  2. Sorry to here about your friends. It is hard. I must have had a premonition (not that I am a psycho;) when I wrote about him last night, that prompted me to write something. It is something that happens to me. So I try and not think about things of that nature usually because I haven't had any thoughts about my brother and he isn't all that well, but is very positive that he will beat it.