Saturday, February 21, 2009

Just Chillin'

Just Chillin' and I do mean chilling! my fingers are frozen, I am afraid to go to the bathroom cuz I know that seat is cold. I sound like I am in Minnesota or North Dakota, Huh? Nope, last time I checked I was still is sunny Southern California, where it's never ... OK, Where it sometimes rains. What is with this weather? One day it is hot, the next day it is cold. No wonder everyone is Catching colds. HEY! Mr Weatherman - person! What's UP? OK, To be honest I would rather it be cold. Because I could go in and turn my furnace on. That's why it is cold in the house. But still. Soon enough it will be one hundred and 3 degrees out in the shade. Well, if you can find any shade that is. If I was me, I would just go hang out at the LYS and bask in all the glorious yarn (and sneeze and itch my fool head off) and chat with all the local buddies for a bit. Well ... OK, till they run me off. OK, there I said it! I think that I should just set up house there at the The Fiber Shop and just knit or crochet what ever trips my trigger. Oooh, I could play with the cot soy, now that is nice and soft, or the milk. Callie has made 5 fingerless mitts with it. So maybe I should make one of these mitts. I need to buy some to make a lace shawl, Well maybe I should buy some bamboo for that instead, or ... Maybe, I'll just read a book. that's what I think I really want to do. No more knitting and just hibernate till I read a couple of books then get back into the fiber stuff again. I read on the average of 10 to 20 books a year. Use to be more. But I found a new addiction and like all addictions it is a costly one. A few friends ask me why I don't get into spinning ... Well, duh! It's like growing pot. Why grow pot if you can run down to the nearest corner and buy a baggie, I can run down to my nearest yarn shop and buy a hank of pretty stuff and not have to have a million dollar light bill just to grow it. (all though those alpaca's are sure cut) I am on a budget at the moment. I need to slow down a bit and DE-stash for a while. But then that brings to mind why it is an addiction. It's a no-win situation. But seriously... I think I need to read a book or two and then knit up a sweater, finish my socks and start in on the lace shawl. Hum, that brings up another thought. If I read, then that means I don't do any house work and I don't get a lot of sleep ... so I would have to clean up the house first then sit and read or I could just go hang out with my thready friends and skip all the other drama... Shiesh! I'm tired! I think I'll go back to bed and stay warn and think about this later. ga-Night!

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  1. LOL Soooo funny! It's hard juggling all our addictions...and all the stuff we have to do too! :-)